Coach Andrii's journey in the world of swimming began at the age of 8 when he first took swimming lessons. Guided by his father's unique coaching methodology, he developed an unwavering passion for swimming.

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Gold medal at 1st Olympic European Games

By the age of 12, Coach Andrii won his first gold medal at the Kyiv Championship and went on to become the Ukrainian Swimming Champion at the age of 14.

Over the next few years, Andrii travelled, competed and won all major swimming competitions, achieving 1st in the Kyiv Championship, Ukrainian Championship, European Junior Championship, and even the World Junior Championship.

At age 18, Andrii competed in the World Swimming Championship, advancing to the finals where he competed against top swimmers including Joseph schooling, achieving 7th place in the world.

Following his passion for coaching, Andrii went on to pursue a Master's Degree in Olympic Sports before venturing into the realm of swimming coaching.

Andrii's coaching journey began as an assistant coach in one of Ukraine's top swimming schools. Drawn by fond memories of winning his Junior World Championship title in Singapore back in 2015, he made the decision to relocate and coach in the vibrant city-state of Singapore in 2021.

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Silver and Bronze medals at World University Games in Taipei

Taking on the role of head coach at AquaDucks and Swiss International School, Coach Andrii's unique teaching style revolving around personalization and creating a good atmosphere enabled the swimming club numbers to increase from 100 to 250 students in less than two years.

Andrii's coaching motto is “Only in a good atmosphere can good results be achieved”. He believes that a good coach not only teaches swimming skills but also instills valuable life lessons, helping students become better individuals, learn goal-setting, and develop discipline.

Coach Andrii went on and founded 'AA Swim School', with the goal of imparting his love for swimming and nurturing a new generation of swimmers.

Join Coach Andrii at 'AA Swim School' and dive into a world of possibilities, where swimming is not only a sport but also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

50 Fly Final at 2017 World Championship in Budapest
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