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Competitive Swimming

There is nothing better than to learn how to become professional swimming from one of the most decorated swimmers currently in Singapore

Why Train With AA Swim School?

Because our founder, coach Andrii knows what it takes to be one of the best swimmers in the world.

He knows what you have to do in and outside of water to achieve your desired results. He knows all the small details that only elite swimmers know that separates them from average swimmers.

He is willing to share all the secrets and unique trainings methods that he learned through his outstanding swimming career as a swimmer and as a coach.

2017 World Aquatic Championship in Budapest.
Final 50 meters butterfly with Joseph Schooling, Caeleb Dressel and Benjamin Proud

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Frequent Questions

Do you work with young swimmers also? 10 years old and under?

Yes, we work with any age and any level. Main priority is to have clear goal and desire to achieve it!

I'm already a good swimmer. How can you help me?

Every swimmer has a few mistakes that he can remove and become faster. We can find them and help you improve your time.
Through experience of swimming on a world stage we can help you reduce your already fast time and turn your from a good swimmer to elite swimmer.

Do you do only swimming?

To achieve a truly outstanding results swimming itself is not enough. We talk about land training, nutrition, strategy preparation and mental toughness training that are necessary to achieve fast results. All of it we will discuss after first swim training.

How the whole process has to look like, so I can be sure I will achieve my desirable results?

Andrii will personally create a plan tailored specifically for you, which will be aimed at the main competitions of the season. It will consist of weekly, monthly and quarterly plans that will make sure we will help you achieve your goals!

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