Experience a new approach
to training from a
World Junior Champion

Learn To Swim

Learn to swim at the fastest pace

Our world-class coach Andrii, a former World Junior Champion and World Championship finalist, is committed to teaching kids in the most efficient manner and he understands that there is personal approach for every child that's why every child is enjoying his lessons while learning at the fastest pace

Learn to swim Singapore AA Swimming School
*Our program follows the SwimSafer 2.0 framework,
which ensures that students learn swimming skills in a safe and systematic manner.

Competitive Development

Competitive, professional swimming Singapore AA Swimming School

Become more efficient and faster

Coach Andrii's swimming experience helped him to learn swimming from the best coaches in the world and now he shares it with his students.

Learn latest updates on technique and understand how to become smart and efficient competitive swimmer.

Adult Training

Achieve all your goals with proper guidence

If you are a beginner who knows basics or advanced swimmer who wants to keep himself fit, we are always ready to help you achieve your goals.

Learn proper swimming technique so you can swim 
non-stop without getting tired.

Adult swimming training Singapore AA Swimming School

Open Water/Triathlon

Open Water, Triathlon training Singapore AA Swimming School

Prepare yourself for unique challenges

Swimming in open water or during triathlon is much more demanding than in swimming pool.

Prepare yourself for challenges that might occur during those races and achieve better results in your races.

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